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Our Amish1 sheds are handcrafted custom built. They are fully assembled with flooring, walls and roof before arriving for delivery. Unfortunately, we do not assemble on site. All the sheds include a man door, with an A frame roof or a slant roof with several colours to choose from. The sheds come with delivery anywhere in the Niagara Region. Please note that any shed larger than 108 sq ft. requires a city permit. We have the proper drawings and generic letter for you to bring to the city for your permit. There are additional costs for any barn style roof, roll up garage door, windows, extra doors, double doors, stain, insulated flooring, plank flooring, insulated ceiling or plank ceiling. These sheds will last you 50yrs.

Our popular sizes are (min size) 6×8 or 4×10, 8×12, 7×15, 10×24,11×32 (max size) We cannot fit more than 11 feet in width on the trailer. We would need enough room for the trailer to fit for the shed drop off. Please watch our videos on Instagram showing delivery of sheds and many more pictures – @amish1dave

To build and deliver at this time, will take from 8-10 weeks. This is not a guaranteed timeline as the restrictions and regulations with Covid 19 can change at any time and interrupt deliveries.

Here are some sheds we have sold in the past to give you an idea on prices, please keep in mind, barn style roofs are more expensive and the amount of windows, double doors, and stain you order will also increase the price of the basic shed.

Colour Palette

Colours you can choose for your shed’s metal roof

Sheds will last 50 years

Free delivery in the Niagara Region